is not a Brahmavidya/Mahanshastra, it is only a Formula. Based on our experience these formulas expand, related to Vasthu, I am not an intellect/founder on Vasthu, I am simple living person. Anybody can meet me easily on

Construction Plans

Re.3/- per sq.ft.

Home Plan Modification

Re.1/- per sq.ft.

Manaiyadi Shastram

Manaiyadi Shastram refers to the discipline which analysis the impact experienced by the residents of the house for More...
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Client Corner :
Constructing your home as per vasthu in contrast to buying a new home is smart financial decision. Constructing a new home as per Vasthu allows More...

Can We Construct Poojaroom At Eshaniya (Northeast)
When ever I visit a house to view Vasthu, without fail my clients question me "can we construct poojaroom at Eshaniya" More...

Can Vastu Defects Cause diseases?
Strengthening the West Facing Site
We Will Work Constructions For Residential Purpose
Direction and principles of Vastu

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As I referred several books and regarding Vasthu, I came through that well or bore well at northeast corner (eshaniya), am good. But at my home we have well at eshaniya, from past 35 years we all at home use the well water for bathing  More ...

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  witness Makarajyothi witness Makarajyothi with lakhs of pilgrims on the eastern horizon of Lord Ayyappa Temple during the  More...

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    Vasthu has Historical Background
    In the Vedic period, people built homes, temples and hermitages with a view to have a peaceful and harmonious living.     More...


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