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 Can We Construct Poojaroom At Eshaniya (Northeast):-

When ever I visit a house to view Vasthu, without fail my clients question me "can we construct poojaroom at Eshaniya"

NO NO NO . will be my reply.

Joining of North wall and East wall is called northeast corner means Eshaniya (Daiva moolah). So placing poojaroom at Eshaniya is not good, so where to locate? Will be the next question.

World, it consist all type of religious and cultured people, these different peoples have different deity to worship. We pray thousands of deity but we give special respect to pray our family deity (kuladevata), well known elders prefer us to pray Sun (Suriya namaskaram) early in the morning.

The Sun is directly responsible for all life on earth. Sun is only deity seen by naked eye on the Earth.
Sun rises in the east. Sun, passes its positive rays through Eshaniya corner to wake us early in the morning. Sun advises through its rays, 'you had a sound sleep, wake up to work'.

Sun rays passes to our house through Eshaniya (northeast) early in the morning, if we close the Eshaniya corner by constructing poojaroom, then placing and praying, portraits and statues of God will bless us?
Kitchen, bathroom or toilet, even poojaroom at Eshaniya, the result will be same, the corner which we want to be open with door and window, if closed then how can we expect prosperity and happiness in life.

So many believe that we need water object at Eshaniya so they place water filled tub, fish aquarium. Lord Eshwar's corner is Eshaniya, lord has Ganga on his head, believing that we place water object at Eshaniya.

Respected brothers and sisters...

If there are any such wrong information's in your mind, so today let that concept be deleted from the mind.

At home, office, Industries etc. we prefer water sump, bore well, water well to be at Eshaniya, and because Eshaniya should have depth then other corners is the concept not water.

We have God everywhere, so we can place and pray, portrait and statues of God at any corner not disturbing Eshaniya, and then God will bless us

In our dreams, not even a Broom sticks weight to be kept at North East (Eshaniya) corner, which is not considered as per Vasthu.


s Vasthu Query

As I referred several books and regarding Vasthu, I came through that well or bore well at northeast corner (eshaniya), am good. But at my home we have well at eshaniya, from past 35 years we all at home use the well water for bathing 
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