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 Name Ending In Number 4 :-

(All those born on 4, 13, 22, 31 of any month and all those having the name ending in number 3 comes under this fold)

The number 4 persons are often met. Before us analyses the qualities of these persons it will be better to know some of the important features of RAAHU.

RAAHU is a controversial one in astrology, astronomy and mythology as one writes. This is also respected and has the ruling period of 18 years. Raahu is taken to be powerful for certain hours and nothing auspicious is generally done. Its existence is generally seen well during eclipses. The word RAAHU itself means, one who covers the SUN. So it goes without doubt that 4 goes with 1.

These people are practical and believe in hard work and discipline. They are respected for rational thinking. Your stubborn nature makes it hard for you to reserve a decision or express yourself diplomatically. They are devoted to family, but are not demonstrative. Once they undertake something, they always complete it.
There may be a bitter disappointment and frustrations in your love life. Early marriage may benefit you.
These people may be considered as the store-house of information from A to Z, most of such information may not be required for practical life. They like to break up old customs and set up new law.

Though they are hard working, loyal, and honest and determined to achieve their goals, they are also stubborn and set in their ways. Their discipline and consistency makes co-worker rely upon you. They should be careful not to overwork and find time to relax.
These people should cultivate faith and apply them to opportunities in hand to find stability in both career and personal life.
There are several rich persons under 4. But the way in which they spend the wealth is quite surprising.

Professions they are suited are Auditing, Architecture, The Army, Law, Accounting, Mining, Merchandising, and Writing.

Generally these persons enjoy good health. But Amenia, Mental sickness, are likely. Taking digestive mixtures now and then is good. Giving up worrying is the best known remedy.


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As I referred several books and regarding Vasthu, I came through that well or bore well at northeast corner (eshaniya), am good. But at my home we have well at eshaniya, from past 35 years we all at home use the well water for bathing 
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