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 Does apartment have 100% Vasthu? :-

Ramesh works in an MNC, at Bangalore, after crossing Hebbal flyover an apartment is coming up. Ramesh purchased an apartment and paid Rs.50, 000 as advance in the year 2007.
Ramesh elder brother Mr. Chandra Shekar is my close friend so they came and met me regarding Vasthu, for an apartment he purchased.
They gave me broacher of the apartment to see. I put some tips printed regarding that apartment below. Have a look.
. Its 100%Vasthu apartment.
. Totally 80 flats have been constructed which have East and North facing main doors. West and South have balconies.
. All flats have Eshaniya, Agni, Nairuthi, Vayu corners as per Vasthu.
. As per Vasthu each apartment have different walls, don't have connected walls between them.
Explanation goes on.
I turned towards Ramesh and said 'it's a good apartment what you have purchased' He was very happy.
Then I spoke to his brother 'the apartment they have purchased has been constructed at NORTH-WEST (Vayu) corner of the total project'. Chandrasekhar has knowledge of Vasthu.
'OK sir you have not seen the apartment and key structural plan how do you confirm apartment is at Vayu corner'.
Next day, my friend with his brother and brother's wife took me to view the apartment, as I predicted the apartment was at North West (VAYU) corner of the project constructed, my friend was astonished

There is nothing to be surprised, because

. The apartment they purchased was already been booked by Ramesh colleague, after booking the Apartment his colleague got a job at Malaysia, he had to fly.
. Ramesh got married six years back, but they longed for a child, many years of their married life remained Barren. Ramesh was also adopted by his uncle because his uncle was also without children.

So these reasons happen in life when Vayu corner been related. I knew these reasons before, so I confirmed that its Vayu corner or Vayu moolah apartment.

OK! Is this apartment fit for them to dwell in, can Ramesh become Father is the question that arises?

They can inhabit. but when.?
First select an Eshaniya apartment, dwell in, and give birth to beautiful offspring. Then they can inhabit to the apartment purchased.

100% Vasthu apartment has been constructed and promoted but at North East (Eshaniya) corner don't have window on the north wall, it's a big Vasthu defect.
One drop of poison enough to spoil tub of milk, so without an opening on North wall, let me tell you the truth all the other Vasthu remedies, do not come any where near to solve the problems.
Should have an opening in the East wall which is very important because it's Lord Indra's direction. If not how can we expect generations of the family grow.
If North wall is closed completely, it does not attract wealth, drains riches.
So prosperity depends on North opening not South-West (Nairuthi or Kubera Moolah) corner as believed by so many.

Respected viewers one sincere request, 100% Vasthu Apartment cannot be constructed don't believe those ads
If a person had constructed 100% Vasthu house or apartment, then he must have followed his Vasthu consultant advice 100%, but that consultant must be prepared with 100% Vasthu knowledge!
May God bless us?


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As I referred several books and regarding Vasthu, I came through that well or bore well at northeast corner (eshaniya), am good. But at my home we have well at eshaniya, from past 35 years we all at home use the well water for bathing 
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